Vote for me and I’ll buy you a D [cup], says politician

mellieb on 31 Aug 2010 at 11:42am

When you think raffle prize, what comes to mind – an island vacation, a big-screen TV, a shopping spree?

How about a boob job?

That’s exactly what Venezuelan politician Gustavo Rojas is offering as top prize in a raffle he’s holding to raise campaign funds.

Rojas seems to know his voter base well: breast surgery is the country’s most popular procedure, with about 30,000 surgeries yearly, according to the Venezuelan Plastic Surgery Society. It’s also home to a controversial trend: parents who “give” their daughters breast implants for their “coming-of-age” 15th birthday.

The concept of plastic surgery as a door prize is unusual, but not without precedent. An Orlando radio contest, for example, promised to cover the cost of implants as top prize in a competition.

Breast enhancement surgery is not a decision to be taken lightly, as implants aren’t right for every woman. Says Toronto plastic surgeon Martin Jugenburg, “When making a decision about your breast augmentation options, you may do your research on the Internet, talk to your friends, and think about it. But ultimately it comes down to what your surgeon recommends for you and whether or not you trust his or her judgment.”

What’s the U.S. equivalent value of Rojas’s raffle prize? The average cost of breast implant surgery is $6,570 in the U.S., according to RealSelf, and about 78% of those who’ve had the cosmetic surgery rate it as Worth It.

What a way to get out the vote!

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