Do You Sound Older Than You Look? There's a Surgical Option for That

Princess 19 on 27 Oct 2012 at 9:00am

Have you ever wished you had a different voice? 

British journalist Lynne Wallis had done her best to ward off the signs of age -- face creams, hair dye and the like. But suddenly, she found herself sounding older - with a deep and crackling voice. People thought she was sick. An obviously 20 something-year-old telemarketer spoke to her as if she was elderly.

She did some research and discovered a procedure called "voicelifts" allegedly being done in the US where "fat is taken from the stomach and grafted on to the vocal folds to plump them up and enhance voice performance." Apparently, it is a procedure that can be both cosmetic and medical (to help with patients that have had nodule surgery, paralysis, etc.). 

Never heard of it? Neither had our blog team. So we asked our experts what vocal surgery was about

"Yes, fat injections for atrophic (aging, thinning vocal cords) has been done for quite a few years," says Sacarmento facial plastic surgeon Dr. Reginald Rice.  "The problem is that although it may improve the voice initially (a few weeks) it just isn't satisfactory."

He adds, "Surgery to permanently alter an otherwise normal voice is not wise due to the imprecise nature and outcome of such surgery."

So, fat has been used to alter vocal chords...  But, other doctors recommended using fillers - also known as "Radiesse Voice" injections.

"Otolaryngologists (ear,nose, throat doctor) may augment the vocal cords with injections...of Radiesse™ and Coapetite™," says Jacksonville plastic surgeon Dr. Lewis Obi.

Chicago facial plastic surgeon Dr. Anil Shah says, "Radiesse can be injected into the vocal cords in selectcases of patients with vocal cord paresis or paralysis. It is critical that this injection be done with someone who specializes in voice and experience using Radiesse."

But, more often than not, RealSelf doctors do NOT recommend this procedure for cosmetic enhancement.

"This is not elected for elective alteration in the voice but rather for patients who suffer from vocal cord paralysis," says another Chi-town plastic surgeon, Dr. Otto Placik.

So, in the end, these procedures are out there. But, many doctors consider them risky. At roughly $25,000 for the stomach fat vocal cord grafting procedure, it can be also very expensive. Stop smoking. Stop shouting at concerts.  Limit your alcohol intake now  Those may be a cheaper solution.  But, hey, Demi Moore is raspy. Just say you are emulating her! 


Would you ever consider surgery to alter your voice?


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