Self-Conscious On Video Chat? There's a Surgery for That

MakenzieR on 1 Mar 2012 at 10:00am

Do you ever look at yourself on a video chat and think “That’s what I look like?” Apparently this issue causes enough concern among mobile phone video-chatterers for one plastic surgeon to dub his neck lift technique the “FaceTime Facelift.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Sigal says his “FaceTime Facelift” differs from a traditional neck lift because of the incision placement. He told RealSelf that “Most lifting procedures involve a cut under the chin. Generally the expression is that doesn’t really matter, because no one but your lover or your dog will see it, and neither will care. That’s not true with FaceTime, because it does show that [area].” (For the non-iPhone users out there, FaceTime is Apple’s video chat app.)

Taking this into consideration, Dr. Sigal says he “figured out a way to do the area under the chin without that cut. I can do everything with a lateral sling, which is a stitch from behind the ear which elevates the tissues.”

Now, we’re all for less noticeable incisions. But we also know that the average price of a neck lift is around $7600. So should you be looking at your video screen self and thinking "where did extra chin/flabby skin come from?" here’s another option to consider that’s wallet-friendly and requires zero downtime.

Hold the camera at a different angle. 

As most young women on Facebook would tell you, the key to looking great when capturing an image of yourself is to hold the camera slightly above you. I willingly submit my own face as proof of how quickly this trick will solve your FaceTime dilemma:

FaceTime Facelift  FaceTime Facelift  FaceTime Facelift

Notice in the straight on I’m double-chinless. Then from below - POOF - flashback to 5th grade me. Above? Me when I danced twice a week in college.

What’s the moral here? We know scar visibility is a huge part of surgery consideration. So if you are thinking about this path, then Dr. Sigal’s cleverly named neck lift may be worth looking into. But, if you only feel self-conscious when you are looking down at an unnatural angle, and you don’t have $7k to drop on surgery, it’s probably not worth it to get a FaceTime Facelift or any other invasive procedure.

Do you feel self-conscious when you use video chat?

Learn more about the FaceTime Facelift from Dr. Sigal’s own video: