Vindication for Megan Fox's "No-Botox" Claim?

MakenzieR on 17 Sep 2011 at 9:00am

If you follow celebrity news at all, you'll probably remember in June when Megan Fox posted photos of herself on Facebook to prove she didn't use Botox.  

Plastic surgeons everywhere started suggesting that she Photoshopped the wrinkles into one of the more wrinkly-faced photos -- because the lines were in an unnatural pattern. Now Dr. Nicholas Vendemia, one of the first surgeons to accuse Megan of this, is admitting misjudgment. 

I tried my best to emulate Megan's odd wrinkle pattern and prove her Botox innocence, but it wasn't very convincing.

megan fox botox challenge

Well a girl from Riverside, CA, sent in her own photos to Dr. Vendemia.  And her evidence caused him to retract his statement. 

You can clearly see in the picture that this girl has the same wrinkle shape as Megan.  Did she Photoshop as well?  Dr. Vendemia says no, because he's seen 2 patients since then with this same pattern.

Megan fox no botox photos

Is Megan officially cleared of her Botox accusations?  Not quite, says the doctor.  "All it proves is that she has some amazing forehead and brow muscles that may or may not have ever been under the influence of Botox in the past."

What shape do your wrinkles make? If you feel brave, send us a picture!