Why Hugo Chavez Prefers Small Boobs

K. Mathews on 5 May 2011 at 5:00pm

All right, so I don’t actually know what cup size Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, is most attracted to, but one thing is for sure: Chavez is waging a war against breast implants.

Chavez recently went on national television to declare his country’s trend toward breast augmentation a “monstrous thing.” He criticized plastic surgeons who make women feel inadequate without them, as well as how much money financially-unstable women put towards these procedures.

Miss Venezuela Dayana MendozaWhy is this even a political issue?

  • Last year, a national Venezuelan politician raised money for his campaign by holding a raffle with breast implants as the grand prize.
  • It's estimated that nearly 40,000 Venezuelan women receive breast augmentations annually. In 2009 that would have been 57% of all cosmetic procedures in the country.
  • Media speculates that the majority of the country’s beauty queens have had boob jobs.
  • Augmentations are “as common as dentist appointments” for young girls, according to one newspaper editorial

The breast augmentation debate is never a simple one. Even in the RealSelf forums, opinions differ. "BlondieBlueEyes" is totally satisfied, claiming her boob job “boosted [her] confidence.” On the other hand, "naturalwoman" regretted her decision, immediately missing the feel of her natural body. 

Women should have the freedom to make their own decisions about their bodies, so maybe President Chavez should bite his tongue on this issue. Then again, if the culture pressures young women into believing that they need the surgery just to be beautiful, perhaps Venezuelan females don’t have that freedom of choice after all (as many allege).

In the words of Dr. Brent Moelleken, a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, “The decision to have plastic surgery of any type is a very personal one. Nobody can tell you whether you should have surgery or not, not even your plastic surgeon.” Not even the President!

What do you think? Should a political figure even get involved in the topic of cosmetic surgery? 

Breast implants before and afterPhoto credit: openDemocracy on flickr.com and marablogger.com