Is Aloe Ferox Pulp nature's answer to Hyaluronic Acid?

Beauty Cred on 21 Jun 2008 at 11:41pm

Aloe is a pretty common skin care ingredient favored for its various medicinal and cosmetic properties. The most common species of aloe that most of us are probably familiar with is aloe vera, or aloe barbadensis, however, another species of aloe has the spotlight for beauty: aloe ferox, also known as bitter aloe.

Various brands have started to infuse their products with aloe ferox extract (see I-Slices' eyeSlices), and Veld's has recently joined the bandwagon. The eco-friendly brand that manufactures natural skin care products came up with Ferox Pure Pulp Facial Plumping Effect Essential Gel, a plumping and smoothing facial gel made from pure aloe ferox pulp.

Veld's touts this pure pulp facial gel as "the only product on the dermo-cosmetic market capable of satisfying the dual requirements of women: 1) regenerating and restructuring with nighttime use; and  2) providing an immediate and long-lasting beauty makeover with daytime use." That doesn't really say much, but on its website, Veld's says a lot more about "why it works":

A very high concentration in polysaccharides gives Aloe Ferox gel a revolutionary moisturizing and plumping power. They immediately, through a mechanical action, attract the water in the epidermis to the surface of your skin, like a magnet, and trap it. The result is that the surface of your skin is literally inflated, plumped.

Pure Pulp's unique texture forms, after just a few moments, a supplely smoothing film on your skin and curves your face. this supple, non-occlusive film will last the entire day, maintaining the hydro-lipidic film perfectly. Your skin is supple, plump. It has never looked so fresh, so luminious. It is like new and your face is curved and tonic.

Magnet? Sounds very familiar to another moisture wonder: hyaluronic acid.

Veld's Ferox Pure Pulp Facial Plumping Effect Essential Gel has gotten raves in the recent years from many top beauty magazines in France, such as Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Prima.

Have you tried Ferox Pure Pulp Facial Plumping Effect Essential Gel?