5 Amazing Vein Treatment Before and Afters

MakenzieR on 11 Feb 2012 at 1:50pm

How best to treat protruding veins or broken capillaries?  Get an appointment with a vascular expert and plunk down $800, on average.

If you want to treat unsightly veins from the comfort of your home, you're out of luck. Treatment requires a doctor office visit for lasering, injections of sclerosing agents, or a combination. Your only other alternative is to camouflage the veins with makeup or clothing. Our doctor community at RealSelf offers number of tips for vein removal.

Superb vein treatments before and after results may inspire you to make the investment in going vein free.  Here are 5 amazing vein removal results:

1. Laser vein treatment using Pulsed Dye 

These leg spider veins required just one laser treatment.

2. Yag Laser

nose vein removal

The best way to get rid of nose red lines and spider veins? Laser treatment. The dilated blood vessels on called "telangiectasia."

3. Sclerotherapy

Leg veins, and veins appearing on the foot and ankle are treated by injecting the vein with a drug (sclerotherapy), such as the FDA-approved Asclara. This process collapses the veins and removes the blue vascular appearance. Vericose veins (ropy looking veins) most often need to be treated using a laser vein procedure. Other FDA-approved "sclerosants", sodium morrhuate and sodium tetradecyl sulfate, can cause severe or mild pain on injection, and may have more side effects compared to Asclera. One of the most common vein treatments in the USA for years has been hypertonic saline, which is not FDA-approved for sclerotherapy

4. CoolTouch Varia Laser

vein removal face

5. Sclerotherapy

sclerotherapy photos

Again, only one treatment. Be sure to do research in finding a highly qualified doctor. 6/10 people say Sclerotherapy was Worth It

Have you ever tried any remedies for veins? Would you?

Photo credit: William Groff, DO; Harold J. Kaplan, MD (1&2); Mitchel Goldman, MD; William Groff, DO; Timothy Mountcastle, MD