Tune In: VASER Shape on Entertainment Tonight

A. Foley on 30 Sep 2012 at 9:00am


Could it be? A magic wand that actually melts away fat? That’s what some are claiming. VASER Shape is a new procedure on the market, scoring a 75% Worth It Rating among consumers, and has been a hot topic as of late. In our reviews, positive feedback has included, “I am looking and feeling better everyday!” and “The procedure itself was a snap!” On Entertainment Tonight, Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter Fodor shows off how the $1,650 procedure fights the battle against the bulge.


Despite the hype, not everyone’s experience has been as positive as the picture this segment paints. A few of RealSelf’s community members have tried it out and are less than satisfied with the results:

• “My butt looks droopy, my skin looks like it has major ripples/cellulite…I look horrible. I was told give it some time for the skin to retract. I don't see that happening. And I jiggle worse than before and in places it was fine prior to the lipo. I have been crying non stop.” –Debbie8764

• “I am left with a visible lump at the edge of the area done on my right upper abdomen. I also have a protuberant horizontal lump along my left hip/outer thigh. Neither outer thigh has any improvement in contour or appearance...they may be a bit smaller; but I cannot tell. I am left with a small "banana roll" beneath my right buttock which I feel whenever I walk. Definitely no noticeable skin tightening in any area done.” -HS


This just goes to show, with any procedure, research is key to make sure expectations match results, and that you’re in the hands of a qualified doctor.

If you’ve had VASER Shape, what were your results? Or do you think this sounds too good to be true? Let us know in the comments below!