Staying Young in Hollywood: Who's Done What

Julie Clark Robinson on 2 Jun 2011 at 2:00pm

Playing vanity police isn’t exactly the kindest endeavor in the world, but if it’s in the name of shoring up one’s own self-esteem, it’s all good right?   If a weekly exfoliation, plenty of water and eight hours a sleep a night just aren’t helping you maintain the look you’d like, you’re clearly in good company.  The April issue of MORE Magazine showed some familiar (fresh-looking!) faces and various doctors ponied up their best guesses on what “refreshers” had likely been done:

  • Christie Brinkley: The 57 year-old face of the 80’s has likely had transfers of her own fat deposited into her cheeks and a good chemical peel for a natural-looking glow.
    Christie Brinkley plastic surgery
  • Vanessa Williams: Admittedly a Botox fan, it appears that she’s added radio-frequency skin tightening treatments to the mix.
    Vanessa Williams plastic surgery
  • Sarah Palin:  She still sports slightly dropping jowls, so that pretty much rules out a mini face-lift (which apparently is a no-no for women with an eye for the political prize according to pundits).  The infamous moose-dresser likely opted to freshen up via volumizing treatments such as Sculptra or Radiesse.
    Sarah Palin plastic surgery
  • Susan Sarandon:  All signs point to a full face-lift for the recently divorced actress who appears ready to reclaim her sex symbol (if this moniker is news to you, a viewing of Bull Durham is in order!). 
    Susan Sarandon
  • Madonna:  Once a fan of mere fillers and Botox, it looks as if the ‘material girl’ underwent a mini face-lift.  How can the docs tell? Tight jowls on a 52 year-old.
    Madonna plastic surgery
  • Fergie(licious):  A woman in her mid thirties without darkish circles beneath her eyes often points to the use of a hyaluronic acid filler.
    Fergie plastic surgery
  • Joan Rivers:  Okay, so she wasn't on this particular list, but she’d be the first to say, “What haven’t I had done?”
    Joan Rivers plastic surgery

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden has some great advice for those of us who don’t exactly have to be red-carpet ready but would still like great looking skin.  She extols the virtues of gentle exfoliation, sunscreen and a good moisturizer.  Acne cannot be ignored, she warns, and it pays to buy high quality makeup.  “Brands like MAC, Trish McEvoy and Nars are known for being ‘stage makup’ and can help hide imperfections and not appear too heavy,” she offers.   For those who decide that they want to go a step farther and call a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon Dr. Walden says to allow a full week between a procedure and the day you want to look your best. 

Photo Credit: (Brinkley) wikimediacommons, (Williams), (Palin), (Sarandon), (Madonna) david_shankbone on Flickr, (Fergie) Alexandro Cardoso on Flickr, (Rivers) david_shankbone on Flickr