Utah Ranks #8 for Most Plastic Surgeons Per Person

Princess 19 on 5 Sep 2011 at 9:00am

When you think of Utah, what comes to mind - BYU, mountains, Mormons and plastic surgeons?  Yes, folks, Utah has lots of plastic surgeons.  The state often associated with a religion that requires body-hiding undergarments  was recently ranked 8th for having the most plastic surgeons per capita in the United States. 

We discovered how Salt Lake City ranks #1 amongst cities where women are most interested in breast implants.  They trended 74% more than the national average of women searching for "breast implants" on RealSelf.  And where there is interest, there is demand.  

The top city that had the most plastic surgeons per capita was D.C. with one plastic surgeon for every 27,351 residents*.  In comparison, Utah has one plastic surgeon for every 46,064 residents.  Surprisingly, California, the state known as the plastic surgery capital of the world (although Rio de Janeiro, Brazil would strongly disgree), or, ahem, of the U.S., is only ranked 5th.  Fifth?  With all those celebs in Hollywood...are they using the same doctor?  

The breakdown of the Top Ten Cities are as follows:

State No. of board-certified plastic surgeons (2010) Population (2010) Ratio (population to surgeons)

people per plastic surgeon

Utah-based Realself plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Brzowski says there many factors why doctors come to Utah to practice.  He lists among them, “the low cost of living and great weather, [the area is] a great place to raise your family.”

Dr. Brzowski also tells KSL-TV,  “The tendency is for people to stay where they’ve done their training.  It’s comfortable to stay in the area.”  It was noted that Brzowski is not Mormon or even from from Utah, but trained in plastic surgery in Salt Lake City. According to him, "there isn’t a training program in every major metropolitan area."

As far as demand, he said on RealSelf that "women are still in their 'younger' years upon completing childbearing, and remain concerned about correcting some of the changes that resulted from pregnancy."

Brzowski concluded that the patient population in Utah tends to be well-educated and open to the idea of having cosmetic procedures performed. 

“I think it fits in with the [culture’s idea of] taking care of yourself,” Brzowski said. “That to me is absolutely the answer and the explanation for why such a devout group of people here are so accepting of plastic surgery. They’re doing it for appropriate reasons, not for some vulgar type of motivation.”

Do any of the states on that list surprise you?

*As reported, the numbers used to calculate the ratios were obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau and the American Board of Medical Specialties. The Census Bureau’s site provided the most recent (2010) population counts for each state.  The ABMS publishes a booklet each year that breaks down the numbers of doctors board certified in each medical specialty in each state.  Both stats are used to calculate the ranking.
Photo credit:  KSL.com