Pubes, Please! 5 Unusual Requests of a Hair Transplant Specialist

MakenzieR on 13 Oct 2011 at 11:00am

Hair transplants are for men going bald, right?  Not quite.  Florida hair restoration specialist and facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Epstein regularly performs chest, eyebrow and beard transplants, and the occasional pubic procedure. He notes that they "are good procedures for the properly motivated patient."  

And then he shared his weirdest requests with us, so your jaws can drop too. 

The 5 Weirdest Requests of a Hair Restoration Specialist 

  1. Make My Toes Hairy

    A male patient in his 30s wanted hair transplanted to his toes because he is one of 5 brothers, and the only one who has hairless feet.
  2. Ho, Ho, How 'Bout a Better Beard?

    A professional Santa Claus (yes, there are really people for whom this is their main occupation, attending conventions, etc) wanted a fuller beard -  and he received from me a full beard transplant of 1800 grafts.
  3. hair transplant before and after

    Sexy Armpits

    A male singer from Hong Kong received a hair transplant to the axilla to achieve a "sexier," hairy armpit appearance.
  4. I Want to Date a Werewolf

    A man requested a hair transplant for his girlfriend to the axilla, abdomen, and pubic region in order that she be as hairy as possible
  5. Porn Star, Please!

    It's not hair-related, but a female patient whose husband was returning from Afghanistan wanted to look just like Linda Lovelace -  came to see me for rhinoplasty and lip sculpting.

If we hadn't just discussed Mr. Superman, I'd be tempted to believe no one could make these requests. But the heart wants what it wants. Sometimes, that's a hairier girlfriend. 

Photo credit: Andres Rueda on flickr