Here’s What You Can Do About Under Eye Bags — Watch the Top 5 Videos of the Week

Elisabeth Kramer on 18 Sep 2015 at 9:00am

Under Eye Bags
1. Under Eye Bags: Which Need Fillers? Which Need Surgery?
Dealing with under eye bags? Top Doctor Amiya Prasad explains your options.

2. Picking Breast Implant Size: Here's Some Advice
Which size breast implant is right for you? Here’s some advice, courtesy of Top Doctor Scott W. Harris.

3. Brazilian Butt Lift: See 1,100ccs to Each Side (GRAPHIC)
Top Doctor George Marosan shares this footage of one woman’s results with a Brazilian butt lift.

4. 62 Seconds of Botox — What Does It Do?
Get a peek at what Botox can do in this short clip from Dr. Vu Ho.

5. This Young Man Gets a New Look With Belotero
We wrap up this week’s Top 5 with a video from Dr. Jason Emer. See what this young man looks like after getting Belotero.