Face lifting with Ultrasound on Dr. Oz

mellieb on 10 Nov 2010 at 9:04am

What’s the latest news in non-surgical facelifts? Well, you’ll have to tune into the Dr. Oz show on Thursday, November 11 to get the whole scoop…but here’s a sneak preview.

Ultherapy by Ulthera System

When asked, most people say facelift surgery is their last resort to sagging facial features. This is why each year there are multi-billion dollar sales of skin creams and skin tightening treatments. But can you achieve meaningful face lifting and firming without surgery? 

Dr. Oz's show will demo a new device offered at select doctor offices and skin clinics, called the Ulthera System, which delivers ultrasound energy to sagging skin areas. This energy is mean to stimulate skin-tightening and firming.  Clinical trials suggest that treatments do help:

Clinical trial results from Ulthera System use in treating male jowls


Ulthera and the Ultherapy procedure allows a clinician to view ultrasound images of skin tissue in order to provide a more targeted treatment. 

During a typical 30-minute Ultherapy treatment session, an ultrasound applicator is passed over each region of the face. The sound waves emitted deliver small, controlled amounts of energy into the deep layers of skin and soft tissue. Yes, this is likely painful during the treatment time!

Ultherapy on RealSelf

Although there are only three reviews of Ultherapy to date on RealSelf.com, it received two Worth It thumbs up, and one Not Sure.

Says contributor Lorrielou, “I would recommend this treatment to others - not invasive and there is absolutely zero downtime - but there is pain during the treatment.” Contributor 5406Anon adds, “You can have the procedure done in the morning and go out that evening…I saw immediate results that only kept getting better over the next 3 months.”

Dr. Leonard Gray, San Francisco plastic surgeon, believes Ulthera is effective, noting, “In my experience, the Ulthera machine works much better at non surgical skin tightening.”  

Craving more information?

Tune in on Thursday, when Dr. Haideh Hirmand, a New York plastic surgeon, will share his expert insights on Ultherapy with Dr. Oz. Find out when the show airs in your city here

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