Joan Rivers, Muffin Tops and Dismissing the Human Barbie- Again [TV Round Up]

A. Foley on 6 Aug 2012 at 10:30am

Coming up this week on TV, the infamously nipped and tucked Joan Rivers joins Wendy as co-host, The Doctors talk muffin tops and wrinkles, and Dr. Drew and Anderson Cooper re-air some of their most-watched interviews:

Dr. Drew sits down with a teen to discuss the impact of a mother's obsession with implants on her daughter. Do you think mother's need to consider the feelings of their children, or is it all about feeling confident? How big is too big?

Anderson Cooper had a heated exchange with Sarah Burge, who has branded herself the "Human Barbie," over her encouragement of her young daughters' plastic surgery. Reaching his limit, he called her "horrible". Do you agree? What is a mother's role in the plastic surgery opinions and decisions of children?

Here's a full rundown of what's happening on TV this week:

Wendy Williams

Monday, Aug 6
Celebrity Co-Host Week: She was the first female guest host of “The Tonight Show” and is a comedic legend. The one and only Joan Rivers joins Wendy as her special celebrity co-host. Then, Joan’s daughter Melissa stops by to talk about the new season of their WEtv reality show, “Joan Knows Best.”

Dr. Drew Lifechangers

Tuesday, Aug 7
Sixteen-year-old Tori turns to Dr. Drew because she is embarrassed by her mother Lacey’s outrageous chest size. Lacey is obsessed with breast augmentation. She has gone from an A-cup to a D-cup and is now an L-cup. Lacey feels her extra-large chest gets her a lot of work in the modeling industry and is now looking at getting another surgery to be a KK-cup -- one of the largest sizes in the world. Tori is concerned for her mother's health and is also embarrassed to be seen with her because everyone stares. Spoiler alert: this is a re-run and we covered it the first round if you want to get the scoop here.

The Doctors

August 9, 2012
Lose Your Muffin Top, Stop Bloating & Prevent Wrinkles!
Discover Hollywood icon Dick Van Dyke’s secrets for staying young at 86, actress Tiffani Thiessen’s top beauty tricks and fitness guru Billy Blanks' fitness tips. Here's a quick list of expert answers for solutions for muffin tops: Non-invasive: SmartLipo, Liposonix, CoolSculpting and Invasive: Liposuction.

Anderson Cooper

Aug 10, 2012
Meet Sarah Burge, the guest who pushed Anderson to his limit, and see the heated exchange that abruptly ended the interview. Sarah reportedly spent over $500,000 on plastic surgery and calls herself the “Human Barbie,” gave her now 8-year-old daughter "plastic surgery vouchers" on her 7th birthday, and encouraged her teenaged daughter to get Botox. That's a $425 gift according to the average cost reported by RealSelf members. Curious how much Botox costs...check our cost map to see how much people are paying near you.

Sarah isn't the only one who wants to be a human barbie...check out 21-year-old Valeria Lukyanova.


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