Turn Your "Perma-Frown" Upside Down [VIDEO]

K. Mathews on 1 Aug 2012 at 9:00am


Some wrinkles may make you feel unhappy, but the worst wrinkles will make you look it. Downturned lines beside the lips, caused by a combination of aging and genetics, can give even the happiest of people the appearance of a constant frown.

According to Detroit plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, there is a surgical option to literally turn that frown upside-down. As he demonstrated on The Doctors, a procedure called the “grin lift” can do the trick.

A grin lift takes all of fifteen minutes to complete, with the doctor cutting out two small triangles of the skin next to the lips. Though the incisions leave two slight scars, Dr. Youn says the horizontal lines heal well, especially considering the downturned ones they eradicated.

However, when Tacy asked about her treatment options for her “drooping mouth corners,” the doctors largely suggested a non-surgical approach. Botox or fillers like Juvederm and Restylane can also be injected into the lines to make them disappear. The results are quite impressive, but  temporary. In a little under a year, patients will need subsequent injections to keep the lines at bay. Over time, the cost of maintaining that may not keep a smile on your face.

Would you consider getting the grin lift? Do you assess a person's character by their smile and/or frown? Let us know in the comments!


video credit: the doctors (abc)