Tummy Tuck Sticks to Tighten the Belly ~ Claim Check

A. Foley on 27 Aug 2010 at 11:04am

Claim: Drink the Rodial Tummy Tuck Stick - helps flatten the tummy and waist through slimming, natural ingredients

Background: UK-based Rodial is aggressive in marketing products that use cosmetic surgery terms, implyingRodial Bum Lift Cream similar results without surgery.  For instance, they offer "Boob Job" which promises "Always dreamed of a fuller bust but dreaded the thought of going under the knife? Rodial introduces a revolutionary formula in boob job".  They also market "Bum Lift", that "When massaged gently into buttocks and thighs, the effect is instant, wheat protein immediately lifts, firms, smoothes and tones, but there are numerous long term effects too."

The tummy tuck stick is the latest Rodial product, which is a dietary supplement containing green clay, fennel seeds, pineapple, and papaya.  Tummy Tuck Sticks currently sell for £48 ($75) for a pack of 14 sticks.

Reality: When asked if tummy tuck stick works, the medical experts on RealSelf were quick to poor cold water on the product manufacturer claims (or implied benefits being like a tummy tuck).  

  • "Tummy tuck patients come in many shapes and sizes with excess skin or excess fatty tissue (or both), separated muscles (or not), hernias, stretch marks, etc. A dietary supplement will not correct any of these issues" -- John Connors, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
  • "This is another snake oil that abuses the desire of the patients to get fast result with no surgery. If there is truth behind the claim,where is the scientific data and publication? As they say 'buyer be ware'"-- Kamran Khoobehi, MD - New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
  • "There will never be a supplement that does what a tummy tuck does, which is tighten loose skin that has been stretched from weight gain or pregnancy, realigning muscles that have been pushed apart for the same reasons, and remove localized fat if necessary. Thre is no such thing as "spot reduction" --Richard Baxter, MD - Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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