Tummy tuck curious connect to Minnesota mom's daily recovery

Angie_M on 1 Apr 2010 at 5:58pm

What’s a mom who has worked hard to lose weight but can’t shed extra abdominal skin to do?

In Robyn from Edina, Minnesota’s case, she got her finances in order, interviewed doctors, and scheduled a tummy tuck.

Before her treatment, she read more than 100 RealSelf Tummy Tuck reviews and consulted two different physicians, deciding on a Twin Cities plastic surgeon in whom she felt very confident.

A mom shares her abdominoplasty experience, before and after

Robyn, going by the RealSelf name SpeedRacer76, underwent her surgery in late February. Her pre-op goals were to “feel confident” and sport a “fresher, more youthful appearance.” Though her tummy tuck recovery wasn’t without setbacks, she's thrilled with her decision to undergo the procedure.

Having posted a comprehensive diary of what led to her decision to seek out a Tummy Tuck (including liposuction) and her hopes and anxieties about the procedure, she now updates regularly. Her candor and straight-forward manner has drawn in more than 125 comments.

The power of community

Robyn exemplifies what I love about the tummy tuck and mom community on RealSelf. People openly share candid before and after photos, video, and lend genuine support and knowledge to those undergoing or considering a cosmetic change. They contribute to an amazing resource, the RealSelf Worth It Index, which ranks cosmetic surgery or treatments according to community opinions of what's worth it.

It's not easy sharing, even with friends, when you're considering a procedure. It's truly a testament to Robyn's character that she's willing to give her support to complete strangers.

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