Would you trust your plastic surgery to a med student?

Angie_M on 13 Oct 2010 at 10:38am

For many people, cosmetic surgery is a pipe dream, unattainable becauset it's expensive. Cosmetic procedures are rarely covered by insurance, and the out-of-pocket cost for a new chin or perkier breasts run into the thousands.

Residents perform plastic surgery, often leading to a discountplastic surgery cost cutting idea discussed here on RealSelf is to seek treatment at a medical school where surgical residents perform your desired cosmetic procedures for a lot less than you'd pay a board certified MD. Residents would do the nip and tuck with an attending plastic surgeon supervising.

The University of Maryland is one program that offers discounted plastic surgery:

At the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Plastic Surgery Resident Clinic, we’ve made high-quality cosmetic surgery affordable, without sacrificing our patients’ safety. The consultation and surgery are performed by a final-year plastic surgery resident under the direct supervision of board-certified plastic surgeons who are full-time faculty members at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. All surgeries are performed in a hospital operating room to ensure maximum safety with the highest level of patient care.

According to a Doctor active in the RealSelf community, you can save as much as 50% by going this route.

Would you put your cosmetic surgery dreams in the hands of med students if it meant big savings?