Tired of Shaving? TRIA Promises Permanent Hair Removal -- at Home!

Princess 19 on 15 Jul 2011 at 9:00am

Some of us have obvious and at times embarassing hair growth on our bodies.  While laser hair removal is an increasingly popular solution, it is also costly and requires you have to expose intimate parts of your body to doctors and aestheticians. Now, there's an at-home option for those brave enough to zap themselves.  

The TRIA Hair Removal Laser is a hand-held system that, according to an article on NYMag.com, once hailed as a popular late-night infomercial product. The device touts a pricetag of $395, but that's not much compared to the average $1700 for professional laser treatment. The TRIA uses the same technology utlized in medical-grade laser removal and is FDA-approved. The article notes that this product may be found useless by darker skin-toned or fair-haired people, but for everyone else, it should be a "go." 

Does it really work?

The NY Mag enlisted two brave volunteers to zap their bikini lines:

Volunteer #1: The (self-described) Wimp 

Only lasted for one month.  She found the TRIA to be quick and easy to use, but too painful to continue past the second setting out of five (wimp, indeed).  She noted that upon overlapping the same patch of skin several times, the area turned red. On the plus side, her hair grew back more finely than it was prior to her laser treatment

Volunteer #2: The Brave One

She used the product for 6 months. Deemed the process successful, noting that her bikini area--which once grew hair comparible to that of a man's beard--was down to nothing more than a few fine hairs.  The volunteer reported minimal pain on arms and legs, but said that under arms and bikini zones warranted wine or aspirin. 

What do doctors think

"I read an independent review on the Tria Home Laser Sytem," says New Jersey facial plastic surgeon Dr. Tanveer Janjua.  "It seemed pretty good. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully and stay within the parameters given by the manafacturer."

That's not all, adds Virginia dermotologist Dr. Kenneth Neal: "Although home laser devices may be a nice alternative to have for laser hair removal, they are not going to give you the same side by side effective results per session as compared to a medical laser found in a physician's office."

laser hair removal photosSo, for those seeking more permanent results, (especially people with darker skin tones), visiting an accredited doctor is the way to go.  And let's be honest, things seem less painful when you are not anticipating the pain.  The thought of zapping away in one's own bathroom doesn't seem too appealing.  But, who are we to judge?  At least it's not at-home waxing...ouch!

Have you tried an at-home lasering system?  Tell us your thoughts - even the embarrassing ones.

Photo credit:  flickr and TRIA Beauty