Tracking Your Weight Loss Journey

Kirsty at RealSelf on 18 Sep 2010 at 11:08am

RealSelf's bariatrics community is growing and we are delighted to introduce a new feature this week: doctor before and after photos. The first of our bariatric surgeons to contribute to this new feature was Dr. Ricardo Bonnor, who added four new patient photos.

Before & after photos are an important tool in the weight loss journey. They not only provide motivation, keeping you on track when your will is bending, but they are also very useful in tracking your progress. Many of the reviewers on RealSelf have done just that, from creating videos to posting photos throughout their journey. For example, Owl2820 posted a video of over 30 photos detailing her journey before, throughout and after surgery. One of our newer community members, Miss Lizzy, has also shared her before and after photos with us.

All of these photos and videos are inspiring not only for the RealSelf community but for the individual beginning their own weight loss journey. Prospective bariatric patients should strongly consider keeping a video diary. They are an excellent way of motivating yourself to keep going forward and, while they don't detail all of the hard work that has been put into your journey, they do show the positive conclusion to that hard work and perseverance.

You can see all of our member photos & videos for yourself by checking out our gastric bypass reviews, or start your own bariatric surgery diary.