See Capsular Contracture Before & Afters — Watch the Top 5 Videos of the Week

Elisabeth Kramer on 9 Oct 2015 at 8:30am

Breast Surgery1. Capsular Contracture: The Doctor Explains Solutions to Minimize Your Risk
What’s capsular contracture? Dr. William P. Adams, Jr. shares his experience helping women deal with this condition.

2. Kybella 101: Learn About the Treatment and Watch This RealSelf Member's Procedure
Heard about the new chin fat-fighting injection called Kybella? Follow this woman’s journey as she works with Top Doctor Jennifer Reichel.

3. The Doctor Demonstrates How to Treat Under Eye Hollows With Restylane
Top Doctor Gilbert Lee walks us through treating this woman’s under eye area with the injectable filler Restylane.

4. How to Improve Arm Wrinkles With Sculptra — The Doctor Demonstrates the Procedure
You can fight arm wrinkles with SculptraDr. Jason Emer explains.

5. Which Breast Surgery Is Right for You?
Dr. Adams gets a second place in the Top 5 by sharing his tips for breast augmentation.