“My Only Regret: Why Did I Wait So Long?!” — See the Top 5 Photos of the Week (GRAPHIC)

Jager Weatherby on 16 Mar 2015 at 4:00pm

The RealSelf community was really keeping busy last week! Of the thousands of photos posted between March 8 and 14, there were a few that we just couldn’t get enough of. From transformative facelifts to a confidence-boosting Mommy Makeover, these are the five most popular photos of the week.

1. RealSelf user wls2011 — Mommy Makeover

“I had a lot of excess skin after massive weight loss of 100 lbs. I had lots of sagging and loss of elasticity due to aging skin and all the ups and downs of stretching it out through pregnancies and yo-yo weights. [...] I’m 8 months post op and a lot of the pain and discomfort has improved. I still have pain and sensitivity at the hip scars, but overall I think the surgery was worth it now. I really feel confident naked now and have a nice shape.”
Mommy Makeover
Read more of her review here.

2. RealSelf user Sweetie_08 — Brazilian Butt Lift

“There's no better feeling than feeling happy and sexy. This experience was very different and scary for me, but I did it and I made it to that other side.”
Photo caption: “Moni gave me a massage...... Omg I needed it but I'm so a whimp I moaned the whole time.” Read more of her review here.

3. RealSelf user omulepu.doll — Brazilian Butt Lift

“I always wanted a small waist and hips with a fuller butt. [...] My tummy has gotten flatter. My butt and back feel amazing, but the worst pain I’m in is under my bra area.”
Photo caption: “Front tube and my new belly, swollen of course.” See her progress here.

4. RealSelf user KJFB — Facelift

“With large recent weight loss and with the normal process of aging, my lower face and neck looked older than I felt. I needed a rejuvenation. People that didn't know I had a facelift kept telling me how great I looked, that I looked ‘rested,’ and kept trying to decide if I had changed my hair.”
Photo caption: “Two weeks before my facelift.” See what she looks like now.

5. RealSelf user Rosemary2001 — Facelift and Necklift

“I am happy, happy, happy!! What I found absolutely amazing is that there was no pain whatsoever during the entire healing process. Some stiffness, some tightness, a bit of tingling where the nerve endings need to renew themselves… but that was it. Would I do it again? Immediately!!!! Regrets? Why did I wait so long?”
Facelift 2
Photo caption: “Day 20: Is this really me? I love it!!!!’” See what she looked like before.

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