“My Results Are So Natural. Now I Barely Have to Wear Makeup!” — See the Top 5 Cosmetic Treatment Photos of the Week (GRAPHIC)

Jager Weatherby on 30 Mar 2015 at 4:00pm

The RealSelf community was really keeping busy this week! Of the thousands of photos posted between March 22 and 28, there were a handful that you just couldn’t get enough of. Last week’s photos clearly had a theme, but this time around, they’re all across the board. From a transformative facelift to breast implants gone horribly wrong, these are the five most viewed photos of the week.

1. RealSelf user ct1995 — Breast Reduction

“I've always HATED showing off my boobs. And although they look good in lingerie, I wouldn't dream of getting them out. I have severe backaches and don't look nice in any fashionable clothes. I can't wait for 1 year post op to have my dream boobs.”

Photo caption: “Not so pretty without support... No partner has even seen them like this.”Read more of her review here.

2. RealSelf user BH4444 — Breast Implants and Lift

“They assured me that my doctor was the 4th top cosmetic/reconstructive surgeon in Thailand.... A bit hard to believe if you saw what I looked like now. It stated on the website that you could package your Thai Medical experience as a holiday... It was by no means a holiday!! They wiped their hands clean when things didn't go to plan.”

Photo caption: “Would Breakdown and Abscess.” Read more of her review here.

3. RealSelf user Julie L — Facelift

“In my early 50’s, I began to notice that my skin seemed to be sagging – particularly along my jowls and neck. I actually felt like my face did not match my body. [...] My results are so natural. I look refreshed and my complexion is glowing. I barely have to wear any makeup at all now since the elasticity is back. [...] I look just so much better than I ever expected and my body and face now match!”

Photo caption: “Before photo taken September, 2014.” See what she looks like now.

4. RealSelf user catreal09 — Rhinoplasty

“I’d been worried that my nose looked upturned after my procedure, but I feel a little silly now because my nose looks great!!! It's still swollen of course but I can see its going to turn out really nice. Yay.”

Photo caption: “2 days post op.” Read more of her review here.

5. RealSelf user Yanill.Lora — Laser Liposuction

“Best decision I have ever made. Having laser liposuction has changed me completely. I am so satisfied with the way I look now and I still can't see my final results because I’m only 3 weeks post op. What I see I love and this is what is most important. I am super happy and satisfied. Everything I ever wished for.”

Photo caption: ““This was just one day after my surgery. I'll be posting more soon!!!” See what she looks like now.

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