Titanium bra, Stem Cells, Botox Congestion: Must-see Q&A

Sharon at RealSelf on 23 Aug 2010 at 6:43am

As a moderator of Doctor Q&A, I read hundreds of questions every week from the RealSelf Community. In the past week, here are the 8 questions that really got noticed:

1) Stem cell breast augmentation

2) 2-step tummy tuck

3) Considering a second rhinoplasty - how do I bring this up with my surgeon?

4) Why is my nose bigger in the morning?

5) How do I find a doctor who can implant a titanium bra?

6) Can Botox cause congestion when it leaves your system?

7) Tummy tuck for competitive athletes

8) Can leaking saline breast implants cause lumps?

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