Tina Fey loves Mommy Makeup

Beauty Cred on 15 Jun 2008 at 1:48am

I know. I know. It's FATHER's Day. And sure, I'm celebrating--did the breakfast in bed thing and all the things my husband likes to do, including letting him chill in the hammock, which he's doing at present. But I'm stealing some Mommy Moments (yes, it's a proper noun) to tell you about a recently launched makeup line that's specifically for busy moms: Mommy Makeup.

The premise of the Mommy Makeup line is to sort of put on the table the reality of being a mom to  young ones. "So, you got to take the 1.5 minute shower--HA!--just try to put on some makeup!" And you know exactly what I'm talking about if you've got real little ones. When I saw Mommy Makeup at the  IECSC show in NYC, I thought, "NOW you're talking!" The Mommy Makeup line had a mom's calendar in mind. Just check out these little but big-in-the-help-department things about Mommy Makeup:

  • Mommy Makeup has kits that let you do your entire face in minutes
  • Many of the Mommy Makeup products multi-task--for example, the lip gloss has a lip liner hidden inside
  • The mineral makeup powder is pressed--nothing loose here--so it avoids any messes
  • There's paint-by-numbers instructions, should you need them, to make application super-simple

I haven't had a chance to try Mommy Makeup myself yet, and truthfully, my kids are just on the cusp of that wonderful age where I don't have to keep the shower door open, the bathroom door open, and then shout every 22 seconds, "What was that bang?? Are you all ok??" So my routine is getting less haphazard. But there are some celeb moms who love Mommy Makeup.

Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, and Baby Mama star Tina Fey, clearly a busy mom herself, turns to Mommy Makeup. Tina is a fan of the brand, her favorite being Mommy's Little Helper Concealer. She even sent Debra Rubin-Roberts, the mom behind the brand, a note saying thank you for the makeup and that she loves the concealer:

  Tina Fey says thank you to Mommy Makeup--she loves it!

Looks like this Mommy Makeup concealer is working for celeb mom Tina Fey. Have you tried Mommy Makeup?