RealSelf Featured on Good Morning America and TIME Magazine

Jager Weatherby on 23 Jun 2015 at 7:20pm

Time CoverAs we know from the 8 million unique users who visit RealSelf on a monthly basis, cosmetic procedures such as Botox, breast augmentation, and liposuction have become commonplace. With one in five women actively pursuing a procedure, the stigma around plastic surgery appears to be fading — a trend that’s examined in the June 29 cover story of TIME magazine.

Author Joel Stein spent more than a year researching the growing number of procedures being performed around the globe. After interviewing surgeons, patients, feminist scholars, and cosmetic consultants, Stein concludes that “cosmetic surgery is the new makeup.”

“You're going to get a cosmetic procedure for the same reason you wear makeup,” he writes. “Because every other woman is ... For nearly five decades, [Joan] Rivers was ridiculed as vain and tacky for her cosmetic surgeries. But about six years ago, people stopped mocking and started asking Rivers for advice ... Women, she found, had become as open about their Botox, fillers, and mommy makeovers as she had always been.”

This is the kind of openness we know and love on RealSelf. While founder and CEO Tom Seery first thought the hardest part of the business would be getting people to write about cosmetic procedures, this quickly proved not to be the case. As Stein writes in the cover story, “Women, and a few men, often use their real names and post public pictures, not just of their faces but also their nearly naked bodies.”

“At first I was a little alarmed,” Seery reveals to Stein, “but now it’s become a lingua franca of sharing on our site.”

Good Morning America took a closer look at the story in their segment, “Nipping and Tucking Becoming the New Norm?”

“It used to be the stuff of movie mockery,” says reporter Linsey Davis. “[But] these days the plastic surgery stigma is all but gone.”

“Katina Robertson wanted her pre-baby body back,” Davis continues. “She got a tummy tuck. The first one was a disaster. She turned to RealSelf to keep from making the same mistake and to find a doctor who would give her the results she wanted. She says there’s no need to keep this beauty secret under wraps.”

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