Thigh Lift 101: Results, Cost and Recovery

A. Foley on 25 Oct 2012 at 9:00am


Thigh lift has been a buzzing topic in the RealSelf community as of late, so we want to provide you easy access to the basics, like how much it costs, what to expect and how long - really - will recovery take? The procedure has an average cost of $8,525, and received an 86% Worth It Rating, based on 19 reviews. For those who did find it worth it, the consensus was that a thigh lift is effective at eliminating excessive skin post-weight loss procedure. However, there are warnings given the potential for incision scars and uneven results.

In response to a question about recovery time, Dr. Thomas T. Nguyen, MD said: "2 weeks for the initial recovery (light activity OK) then 8-12 weeks for full recovery. The first two weeks are critical after thigh reduction surgery. During this time, it is important that swelling be kept to a minimum and incisions are allowed to fully heal."

When asked about the difference between a thigh lift and liposuction, Dr. W Tracy Hankins, MD weighed in: "Normally, liposuction leads to more loose skin. However, there are several technologies now which can tighten skin, from Thermage, to laser liposuction to Velashape. If there is too much laxity, a thigh lift can still be the best alternative. Try to find a surgeon who is well versed and offers all of these technologies so you can choose the one that is truly best for your situation."

Another RealSelf community member asked if a medial thigh lift has a tightening effect on the back of thighs, and Dr. Christopher Hess, MD responded: "The medial thigh lift really is just what it is billed as, it lifts the medial thighs. Elevation of the posterior thighs is really done through a buttock lift. I have found that the buttock lift results in a flat buttock with minimal posterior thigh lift. So if you want your medial thighs corrected then get a medial thigh lift. If you want a posterior thigh lift go for a buttock lift and expect a minor posterior thigh correction. Liposuction is probably better."


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photo credit: dr. timothy fee, md