Thermage "Melts Away the Muffin Top" on The Doctors

Real Beauty News on 20 Oct 2008 at 12:00am

Thermage was recently featured on an episode of the network television program "The Doctors." Thermage is a procedure that heats collagen fibers with radiofrequency energy to make them contract and result in skin and tissue tightening.

The procedure was performed using a new Thermage hand piece, which is reportedly in testing for future FDA approval. The mission: to help rid the patient of her "muffin top," and proving it by measuring her middle section before and after the treatment.

A brief clip of the procedure in progress shows the doctor placing the hand piece on specific marks positioned on the patient's body and proudly observing that her "muffin top is melting" away!

At the end of the program, the immediate results of the procedure show a significant difference. The patient loses 2.75 inches off her waist and 5.75 off her hip, and the doctors assert that "this is not water weight, but collagen contraction." The tissue around her abdomen had been tightened and her size shrank significantly.

Watch the clip and decide for yourself.

Kristin Meyer for Real Beauty News