New Foot Surgery Trend, The Thigh Gap, $47B For Botox, and You Can Now Print Out Noses — #RealNews Roundup

Chako S. on 25 Apr 2014 at 8:10am

Too busy to sift through the web to find the health and beauty news you need to know for this week? Not to worry, we sifted through the headlines and pulled out the good ones just for you. Read on to catch up on what you might've missed!

You can now add feet to the list of unexpected places to get plastic surgery. Apparently, the trend is partly fueled by the desire to wear high-end, impossibly high heels by the likes of Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. Of the growing surgery trend podiatrist Dr. Ali Sadrieh admits (via, “On the surface, it looked shallow. But I came to see she needs these shoes to project confidence, they are part of her outside skin. That’s the real world.” His office offers procedures like toe shortening and lengthening and the bunionectomy, which has cleverly been renamed the “Cinderella” procedure.

In other news, did you know they can now print ears and noses? Via, “3-D facial scans of patients are used to print out prosthetics using pigments, starch powder and silicone for replica facial parts closely matching the patient's original nose or ear.”

Fans of the thigh gap may be excited by the fact that you can n get one through a non-surgical process known as CoolSculpting (Worth It Rating: 70%), but Dr. Jeffrey Antimarino gives his reasons why the thigh gap is a bad idea.

And if you’re big into business news, the drama continues to unfold over Valeant Pharmaceuticals' unsolicited takeover bid of more than $47 billion (yes, you read that correctly) for its rival Allergan, the maker of Botox. The speculates: Could there be some insider trading going on? But the real question is: Will any of this affect the price of Botox or its place in the market?

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