The Real Housewives' Secret for Crow's Feet

MakenzieR on 20 Jun 2012 at 5:00pm

Apparently wearing bangs across your forehead isn't the only hair trick to hide wrinkles. The top-notch news source that is Star magazine has figured out why the Real Housewives of everywhere are bringing back the middle hair part -- it's an easy way to hide crow's feet. 

Real Housewives crow's feet

Intentional or not, in theory this is a win-win for cute hair + wrinkle coverage. But, it seems like you'd have to make quite an effort to keep this hairstyle over your temples, yet out of your eyes. We're guessing if any of these socialites are truly worried about showing crow's feet they probably have a plastic surgeon on speed dial. 

If you want a longer lasting way to mask those eye wrinkles, check out:

What do you think about this trick? Have you ever worn a hairstyle to cover something on your face?