The Ideal Aesthetic Doctor: Are Emotional Needs or Competency More Important?

Chako S. on 24 Apr 2014 at 9:28pm

We asked the RealSelf community to describe the ideal aesthetic doctor in five words or less and the stand-out words might surprise you. You’d assume “steady hand” or “meticulous” or even “smart” would bubble up to the top of the list, but alas, no! The top three adjectives used to describe the ideal doctor are “experienced,” “honest,” and “caring.” And there are even more emotional words ranking up higher like “kind” and “nice,” which are adjacent to “perfectionist” and “competent.” In the graphic below, you can see the balance between wanting a doctor who can satisfy a consumer’s emotional needs (honest, compassionate, attentive) versus one who is super-knowledgeable and professional. In fact, one look at the word cloud below, and you might think we asked our community to describe the ideal psychologist, not the ideal doctor.

With the rise of the Internet and sites like RealSelf, consumers can seek out an unbiased, 360-view of any treatment or procedure at any time. This means they are taking a much more active role in the doctor-patient relationship — with an emphasis on relationship. In the case of the elective procedure, the consumer is making a decision that is much more personal, which is why an emotional connection with the doctor is just as valuable as the doctor’s depth of knowledge.

Oh, yeah, and lest we forget: RealSelfers even threw a “sexy” in the list of ideal doctor attributes because why not!

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