The Couple That Lipos Together...

K. Mathews on 6 Dec 2011 at 9:00am

Common interests and activities are an important part of a thriving relationship. Some couples attend concerts, some play golf, and still others… have plastic surgery? It may sound surprising, but that’s a trend that MSNBC is noticing anyway. As the husband of the couple featured in this story tells his wife, “If you’re gonna look good, I want to look good!”

It’s a newer phenomenon, but we found one such couple sharing their story on RealSelf. I guess it makes sense that since some couples diet and exercise together, they might also choose to pursue cosmetic surgery as a pair. No fair for one to get skinny without the other!

RealSelf Dallas resident Toots0328 and her boyfriend decided to get tumescent liposuction together after shecouples going under the knife found a "buy with a friend" deal.  She saw results, but not enough yet to say whether the procedure was Worth It. 

Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Osurvwrote his own account of the surgery. “I figured WTH? I had the money and if she wanted to have hers done, I’d do mine too.” Unlike his girlfriend, Osurv is already happy with the outcome.

When it comes to going under the knife together, there are pros and cons. A big pro is that your significant other cannot only sympathize, but empathize with what you’re going through.

On the other hand, doctors recommend having someone to tend to you following surgery, so having the person you trust the most sprawled next to you might not help your own recovery.

What do you think about couples plastic surgery? Would you go nip/tuck together, or do it seperately?

Photo Credit: Flickr user Lel4nd; Osurv and Toots0328 on RealSelf