The Anti-Aging Myths Your Grandmother Told You — Debunked!

Jager Weatherby on 22 Jul 2014 at 9:15am

Written by Adele Rayburn

Myths Your Grandma Told YouHands up if you have a grandmother who loves nothing more than dishing old-fashioned musings on health and beauty? Whether it's about your skincare regimen or locks of love, some of the most tried-and-true anti-aging advice comes from our grandmothers. (There's a reason we put cucumbers on our eyes every night, y'all!) That being said, some old wives tales are just that — tales!

We've rounded up 5 anti-aging myths from the days of yore, and the time has come to debunk these bad boys.

1. "Don't Make That Face or It'll Stick!"
Fear not, ladies! If you spend the majority of your day perfecting the art of "bitchy resting face," your features will not freeze in place. While excess frowning and brow-furrowing is thought to accentuate wrinkles, your propensity toward developing lines has more to do with genetics and sun-damage than it has to do with your facial expression. Sure, non-stop smiling can cause some women to develop laugh lines (that's what Botox is for!), but your face definitely won't "stick" if you pull a wacky expression.

2. You Don't Need Sunscreen on a Cloudy Day
Contrary to popular belief, protection against the sun is vitally important all year round, whether it's a balmy summer day or smack in the middle of winter. Even if the sun isn't shining, its still hitting your skin and exposing it to harmful UV rays that can cause cancer, moles, spider veins, and wrinkles. Imagine all the money you can save on expensive trips to the dermatologist just by slapping on some SPF 30!

Pluck One Gray Hair3. Pluck One Gray Hair, Five More Will Take Its Place
There's nothing worse than waking up, checking yourself out in the mirror, and discovering a brittle gray hair poking out of your head. The horror! The humanity! No one wants their silken tresses turning ashy, but take comfort in this: You can go ahead and pluck that pesky gray without the fear that more will take its place. That's right, plucking a single hair won't affect its neighboring follicles — despite what your grandma may tell you!

4. Crossing Your Legs Gives You Varicose Veins
Varicose veins are a natural part of aging for many women, but that doesn't mean we like it. These swollen protrusions occur thanks to a loss of elasticity in the vein itself, and they usually pop up when there's added pressure on your legs from pregnancy or weight gain. But does crossing your stems also increase your likelihood of getting these bulging veins? Not in the slightest, so go ahead and sit like a lady! It should be noted, however, that too much leg-crossing can sometimes lead to spider-veins, the wicked step-sister of varicose veins.

Brush 100 Times a Night5. Brushing Your Hair 100 Times Every Night Will Keep It Shiny
No one wants lackluster locks, so it’s a good thing your grandma advised you to brush your hair 100 strokes every night to keep it shiny! But will this relaxing routine really do the trick? Unfortunately, not so much. Despite the fact that brushing spreads your scalp’s natural oil (giving your hair that coveted shine), excessively doing so can rip the strands out of their follicles and damage your tresses. Your best bet is to treat your hair gently and pamper it with healthy products and a whole lotta love.

Do you have any anti-aging old wives tales that are in serious need of debunking? Share them in the comments!

Photo credits: Some rights reserved by Nicole Mays; Some rights reserved by Asim Saeed