Test-drive a Brow Lift at home

NancyM on 23 Jan 2009 at 9:22am

I recently tested out Bring it Up Instant Lifts for a virtual brow lift; that is, see how close I could get to the results of an eyelift or brow lift surgery using the Bring it Up product.

While skeptical, there is something compelling about Bring it Up founder, cosmetologist Denise Horton. Ms. Horton has been down the cosmetic procedure path and was inspired to create Bring it Up after a not-so-great experience with an injectable (one that's not specifically mentioned on the Bring it Up site, but sounds an awful lot like Botox.) Bring It Up Instant Lifts let you test drive a brow lift

Not one to be self-conscious, I figured I'd throw them on and wear them out about town. They worked.

Now, you won't achieve the results of cosmetic surgery. But if you want a subtle lift then this might be for you.

You apply the Bring it Up adhesive strips much like a band-aid: peel off the backing, press one-half on, pull, and press on the other half. They're really more invisible than I anticipated—especially if you've got bangs.

Of course, if you are considering a Brow Lift or eyelift, you need to speak with your plastic surgeon. Only he or she can advise you on the results you want to achieve. But for a glimpse at the possibilities (or a non-surgical alternative) Bring it Up Brow Lifts have my vote. And I'll be checking out Bring it Up Breast Lifts soon, too.