10 Amazing and Real Cosmetic Makeovers

Anonymous_1 on 11 Mar 2011 at 12:00am

Now you see it, now you don't! 

Often the cosmetic makeovers we see on reality TV shows and in magazines seem surreal. Can you really get a transformation that completely alters your look?

At RealSelf, our community of over 2,500 doctors post thousands of photos of results from real patients. Many of these before and afters are truly astonishing. Here are ten that caught our attention.

1. Brazilian butt lift before and after

an amazing new butt from brazilian butt lift surgery

Look at that butt. Go on, look at it! Before, it was heading south. And after a Brazilian butt lift? It’s ready for thong season. Credit goes to Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Ashkan Ghavami.

2. Male breast reduction before & after 

man boobs removed by plastic surgery

Moobs, begone. This man no longer needs a bra – he looks fantastic post-reduction in his after photo, with a buff new chest. Well done, Marina del Rey plastic surgeon Grant Stevens.

3. Scar repair before and after

man with forehead dent scar before and after repair

Cosmetic procedures can be life altering, as proven by this photo. The can’t-miss-it, dominant scar virtually disappears after a treatment of liquid injectable silicone. The procedure was done by New York dermatologist Channing Barnett

4. Gastric bypass before and after

Gastric bypass before and after

Gastric bypass surgery reveals a new you underneath. This woman was always beautiful, but with her weight loss, she simply glows. The surgery was performed by Long Island bariatric surgeon David Buchin.

5. Mommy makeover before and after

Mom makeover before and after

Wow, wow, wow – look at mommy now! This mommy makeover surgical patient lost her spare tire and gained a perfectly curvaceous, trim abdomen and perky breasts. She’ll feel great rocking a bikini this summer, tots in tow. The surgery was performed by Raleigh-Durham surgeon Michael Law.

6. Body Jet liposuction before and after

Body Jet Liposuction Surgery Photo

 Body jet – a water-assisted liposuction technique - superhydrates the tissues with the fluid, separating the fat. This before and after photo was taken just three weeks after the treatment! The difference is AMAZING. Tummy pouch = gone. Svelteness = significantly increased. Well done, Florida plastic surgeon Steven Weiner.

7. Latisse before and after

Latisse before and after results of eyelashes

Remember Maria in “West Side Story”? “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…” Maybe she tried Latisse. This patient gained thick, lush, close-up-ready eyelashes through her Latisse treatments. Bat those lashes! The procedure was recommended by Florida ocular plastic surgeon Jasmine Mohadjer.

8. Smile makeover before and after

smile makeover before and after

Severe periodontal disease resulted in a set of choppers that were less than red carpet-worthy. Dental implants created a beautiful new smile for this patient. Hope she’s making the most of it – we love her new look! The procedure was completed by Seattle cosmetic dentist Lance Timmerman

9. Lower body lift before and after

Lower body lift picture

Weight loss left this patient with a mass of excess flesh. A lower body lift coupled with additional weight loss delivered truly miraculous results, removing unwanted skin and creating a fantastic figure. The work was done by Houston plastic surgeon John LoMonaco

10. Breast implants before and after

Breast implants photo showing before and after surgery

10. An amazing boob job, how to judge? We’re going with enhanced, yet barely detectable; subtlly fuller. This patient now has a set of breasts so natural, it’s hard to believe they’re the work of a surgeon. The procedure was done by NYC plastic surgeon Kenneth Francis.

Keep in mind, these cosmetic transformations didn't come without risk, pain, careful selection of a qualified doctor, and lengthy recovery periods.  Downtime can prove to be challenging as documented in this diary of a tummy tuck

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