Get Whiter Teeth Fast

Beauty in Seattle on 5 Sep 2006 at 5:25am

Has this ever happened to you? You're winding down the day or work week with a glass of red wine when you catch your smile in the mirror and notice red stains on your teeth. What's a girl to do? When you're away from home and away from your toothbrush, try one of these quick fixes for whiter teeth. The perfect solution after work socializing, a night out, at the gym, or travel.

1. Go-Smile Touch Up
The Go Smile Touch Up is an on the go solution for a whiter smile by getting rid of food and wine, tea, or coffee stains and polishing teeth. Made from alcohol, PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone), hydrogen peroxide, and flavor, simply swipe it over your teeth and you're good to go

2. Trident White
Trident White is a teeth whitening gum that contains sodium stearate, a surface stain remover. In a clinical trial funded by Trident, participants found that after 8 weeks of chewing two pieces for 20 minutes, four times per day, there was a 16% reduction in stains on teeth. More importantly is that when you're out and about chewing Trident White can help remove plaque from accumulating by stimulating the production of saliva.

3. PEARLIE Instant Whitening Cosmetic Veneer for Whiter Teeth
Here's the perfect fake out product. If you need to cover up stains and discolorations on your teeth in a hurry simply paint Pearlie on your teeth-much like nail polish. According to the company, Pearlie is a non-toxic and non-abrasive tooth whitening cosmetic veneer. The only catch is that it needs to be applied to fairly clean (and dry) teeth.

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