“What is the Difference Between a Lifestyle Lift and a Mini Lift?”

A. Foley on 4 Oct 2012 at 9:00am


We love it when we see questions asked by the RealSelf Community viewed over and over by other members curious about the same topic. Recent interest for less invasive treatments has led to a surge in popularity for questions about branded “Lifestyle Lifts” and “Mini Lifts.” Instead of making you search out the best answers, we’re bringing them right to you!

Your big question, “What is the difference between a Lifestyle Life and a Mini Lift?” Overall, doctors are wary of the Lifestyle Lift, which has a 53% Worth It Rating in the Real Self Community, and its reputation for cutting corners with patients looking for a more dramatic result. As always, patients should always get at least two opinions on the suitability of a procedure for the results they desire.

But we’ll let you hear it straight from our RealSelf Doctor Community:

• “Buyer beware: a number of ‘limited incision’ and ‘quick recovery’ facelift procedures are currently marketed to patients with names like “The Quicklift”, “The Lifestyle Lift”, “The Weekend Facelift”, “The S Lift”, “The MACS Lift”, etc. As with most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. In my opinion, the results of surgery are in direct proportion to the time and effort that the surgeon has put into the procedure. Most of the procedures I have listed above cut corners to arrive at a shorter surgical time and quicker recovery (which, by the way, isn’t always the case), and most of them undertreat or do not at all improve the neck.” – Michael Law, MD

• “Lifestyle lift is the latest incarnation of the original skin-only facelift, first performed in 1904. This technique was abandoned shortly thereafter because it caused unsatisfactory scarring, ear displacement and short-lived results. The latest technique is no different except that those performing the technique should know better. The mini-lift suggests some fraction of a full facelift. This is great because not everyone needs a full facelift with the resultant swelling.” – Robert M. Freund, MD

• “The term mini-lift is nebulous, but is often used either to mean a facelift for the upper face alone, for the neck and lower face alone, or for a minimal skin-only facelift. The Lifestyle lift, according to its practitioners, and the post-LSL patients I have seen, involves the incisions of a full facelift, minimal undermining with no SMAS work.” –Brent Moelleken, MD

•  “This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many variables. For one, each plastic surgeon has his own opinion of what a mini-lift entails. For some, it is a limited scar. For others it implies limited skin undermining. For others, a mini-facelift is a skin only operation and for others the deep tissues (SMAS) are lifted.” – York Jay Yates, MD


Do you have experience with either the Lifestyle Lift or a Mini Lift? Did it match your expectations? Share your opinion in the comments!


photo credit: user provided, lifestyle lift performed by Dr. Jose L. Robledo