Buzz: Premium tooth whitening toothpaste

Beauty in Seattle on 27 Feb 2007 at 6:54pm

Swissdent tooth whitening product

Impressed by your teeth whitening toothpaste?  If so, do share.  Because I've tried a wide variety, UltraBrite (top rated by Consumer Reports), Crest, Aim, Colgate.  None make a noticeable difference in my smile.

That's why I'm looking forward to a high-tech, European tooth whitening paste called SwissDent.  Swissdent is making its way to the US, and it's likely to build buzz within the rapidly emerging premium toothpaste product category.

GoSmile products have gone a long way to defining the premium home dental care niche, but Swissdent and others will make it easier to choose what product best suits your smile needs.

SwissDent incorporates a  unique combination of vitamins, natural enzymes called bromelain from papaya and pineapple, coenzyme Q10, as well as peroxide nanoparticles (that is, really really small compounds).

I'll keep an eye on when SwissDent hits US store shelves.  In the meantime, here's the SwissDent official website.