Swimsuits That Empower Women Who've Had a Mastectomy, Forgo Surgery With Hilarious Japanese T-Shirts, & More — #RealNews Roundup

Chako S. on 30 May 2014 at 9:00am

A breast cancer survivor who had a mastectomy models one of Monokini 2.0's designs

Too busy to sift through the web to find the health and beauty news you need to know for this week? Not to worry, we sifted through the headlines and pulled out the interesting ones just for you. Read on to catch up on what you might've missed!

Finnish designers Katriina Haikala and Vilma Metteri designed a line of swimwear for women who’ve had a mastectomy after breast cancer. Monokini 2.0 is a “social art project that re-examines popular culture’s narrow view of a woman’s ideal appearance,” and is inspired by cancer survivor Elina Halttunen, who struggled to find something to wear to the beach after her mastectomy. See all the photos of breast cancer survivors modeling Monokini 2.0’s designs here. If you’d like to support their cause and designs, they’re launching a Kickstarter on May 30.

You might want to check if your favorite yogurt falls on HuffPo's list of yogurts that have more sugar than a Twinkie. It’s worth it to mention that despite the sugar count, eating yogurt is still healthier than downing a cream-filled Hostess snack. Oh, and just FYI: A single Twinkie contains a staggering 18 grams of sugar!

Why have boob job when you can just buy one of these silly shirts?

If you’d like a fuller bust, but aren’t not quite ready to go under the knife try these hilarious T-shirts from Japanese design group ekoDWorks. According to their site, these T-shirts are part of a project that “utilizes a unique method to bring to life the world of delusion that people secretly envision.” ekoDWorks continues, “How will people react when the world the inside their heads are laid bare before their eyes?” How, indeed!

Which states account for the most sales in anti-aging skincare sales? We think the answers contain no big surprises, except for one. We were shocked to find that our Pacific Northwest city of Seattle is slow on the take for buying anti-aging skincare products. Perhaps it’s because we get so little sun?

It’s bad enough when a loved one lies, but could your Fitbit be lying to you?

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Photo credits: Monokini2.0, ekoDWorks