Beyond the thighmaster: Suzanne Somers and the FaceMaster

Beauty in Seattle on 6 Feb 2007 at 12:19am

Home Shopping Network Queen, Suzanne Somers, made a small fortune selling us the Thigh Master.  She is a tireless entrepreneur, yet with success Suzanne carries a healthy dose of skeptics and controversy.Suzanne Somers pushes the face master

Somers was nearly ruined when it was revealed in 2001 that she had liposuction at the Lasky Clinic; a stinging revelation at the time she was selling the heck out of her thighmaster and special diet.  She explained to Larry King that her lipo was related to her breast cancer and mastectomy.  Even Suzanne's battle with cancer came under attack as she opted for homeopathy to treat the cancer.

Suzanne Somers has forged ahead, producing one HSN hit after another.  Her push into anti-aging includes the FaceMaster, which the FDA warned was a medical device requiring approval (later secured), yet HSN Face Master purchasers seem to like it.

 the Face Master is promoted by Suzanne Somers on HSNA key to Suzanne Somers' success is her passion for the sale.  As she tells a reporter from the LA Times (The Unsinkable Suzanne Somers):

To hear her proselytize for the FaceMaster, for example, a little $100 machine that sends tiny jolts of electricity to facial muscles, is to experience the art of persuasion.
It's a workout for your face, she says, building muscle tone to prop up skin before it sags. She'll show you how she has sculpted convincingly plump cheeks with this little device (FDA approved, mind you), how she has avoided face-lifts and eye jobs.
At 60, she's got some wrinkles. She'll point them out to you. But overall she looks good. And she's so down-to-earth, with that throaty, self-deprecating laugh that's just a few beats away from the Chrissy Snow snort. So you willingly ignore that part of you that's saying, "Electric jolts? To your face? Using a gel as a conductor fluid?"