Suzanne Somers: From Thighmaster to Youthmaster

mellieb on 27 Oct 2010 at 8:03am

Suzanne Somers is to be admired: she still looks amazing, and is fighting aging with a vengeance. Just look at her at age 64.

Lucky for all of us, the face [and body] that sold a million Thighmasters is not shy about sharing her somewhat unorthodox anti-aging secrets. In fact, she’s catapulting the anti-aging discussion onto the big screen, in a big way: starting November 4, Somers will broadcast her thoughts on aging and health to a movie-going audience, calling it the BREAKTHROUGH Tour.

In the film, Suzanne will speak candidly on combating Father Time, with a focus on the benefits she’s gained from alternative treatments such as the all-natural, plant-based bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, which she credits for “re-establishing her vivacity, energy and happiness”.

She will also encourage viewers to ask questions their doctors aren’t asking and to challenge conventional treatments. “No one is going to care more about your health than you,” asserts Somers. “I feel like these conversations have been whispers, when a megaphone is essential.”

An excerpt from a news release on the project notes, “Suzanne Somers’ BREAKTHROUGH Tour is an honest, engaging and often humorous discussion encouraging viewers to take charge of their health, recapture their youth and maintain their vitality...Moviegoers will learn how Suzanne tackles difficult life experiences, including cancer, aging and menopause, and the daily steps she takes to stay ageless and vital in a toxic world.”

Suzanne Somers’ BREAKTHROUGH Tour will be shown in theaters across the country on November 4, 2010, with an encore presentation on November 9, 2010. Interested? Visit to find a theater and purchase tickets.

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