Watch out Boots...Superdrug's on your tail with a super skin serum

Beauty Cred on 24 Jun 2008 at 2:12pm

This month Superdrug, the UK chain and site, launches Superdrug Optimum Advanced Firm and Lift Perfecting Serum, and adds this new entrant to its already successful and lower-priced Optimum anti-aging skincare line (Optimum Line Decrease Eye Cream is shown at left)

From the CosmeticsDesign-Europe release (6/24), Optimum Advanced Firm and Lift Perfecting Serum...

is being dubbed a 'super serum' by the company, thanks to its advanced formulation and the fact that it is being priced at less than £10 (€12.60). Launched last week at its stores across the UK, the formulation includes collagen boosting pentapeptides and retinol, which are said to combine to promote a firmer complexion with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

It also contains panthenol, said to stimulate the effect vitamins have in moisturising the skin, together with vitamin E and green tea extract - which both combine to provide strong antioxidant properties. The company says that it has conducted independent tests that show the serum has proven and visible results on the skin, which are similar to many more expensive products on the market.

Hmm..will this be the latest UK craze to hit our shores? What do you think?