SunSoul says sun exposure can be good for your skin

Beauty Cred on 1 May 2008 at 11:15am

While at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference this week, I came across one of the hot topic items that uses some technology that's getting more and more press these days. The technology is Cosmetotextiles, which is the microencapsulation of cosmetic formulations in textiles to deliver skin caring benefits. The product, SunSoul Clothing, claims to capture the sun's rays and convert them to provide specific benefits to the skin. Here's how Sun Soul explains it: 

Fluorescent material developed by SunSoul combines the properties of high-end outdoor fabrics with effective laser treatment.  Fluorescent pigments imbedded in the material's matrix facilitate transmission of light within a narrow spectral range for improving the appearance of skin.The transmitted light can be adjusted to different wavelengths to help improve the appearance of troubled skin due to blemishes, damaged skin or aging skin.

The company's unique patent-pending fluorescent materials are incorporated into trendy, high-quality outdoor wear. The first developed material isolates and amplifies blue light, offering an improvement in the appearance of skin troubled by blemishes when users are exposed to the regular broad spectrum sunlight. 

The technology, which is built into clothing material called blumod (below, for acne treatment) and yelomod (for radiant skin), sounds very similar to the light therapy handheld treatments on the market now, such as the Marvel-Mini Facial Light Therapy devices (blue light for acne, red light for lines & wrinkles, and green for hyperpigmentation).






In fact, on the SunSoul company FAQ's, one of the answers relates to how SunSoul compares to light treament in a spa. Dr. Michael Kreindel, referred to as a world renowned physicist and one of the founding fathers of the IPL industry, states that using SunSoul for 2 hours/week for 6-8 weeks "will provide the desired effects for improving the skin."

I think SunSoul is onto something big--and that it's the first of many innovations we have yet to see in this arena. SunSoul clothing does not contain sunscreen, but due to the technology, the company claims it does provide a UPF factor of 50+. SunSoul recommends that users wear sunscreen on those areas not covered by the SunSoul clothing--but not to wear the sunscreen under SunSoul garments as it will interfere with the efficacy of the technology.

SunSoul clothing is a bit pricey--a shirt will set you back $125-$140, and a hat $70-$75.

SunSoul Healthy Skin Systems' clothing with technology that captures the sun's rays and converts it into skin-caring benefits is definitely a wave of the future. I couldn't find any efficacy data (not even before/after pics) so the jury's still out on whether it works. It is a bit pricey, and of course, you need to be in a sunny clime to optimize your spend!