For Teachers, Summer break = Cosmetic Surgery

K. Mathews on 8 Jul 2011 at 9:00am

School’s out for summer! But it’s not only the kids who are enjoying their newfound freedom, it seems some teachers are also taking advantage of their free time to pursue some cosmetic enhancements.

Take it from this former teacher – kids are critical. A student once told me, “You wore that shirt last Tuesday!” This was a kid who hadn’t learned a single vocabulary word all year, and yet he knew my wardrobe better than I did. My students immediately noticed each new shirt, pair of pants, and pair of shoes. They commented freely on my new haircut, as well as other times when I started to need a new haircut.

Having hundreds of kids looking at and judging you each day is enough to make anyone consider making some physical adjustments. Thus, it’s no surprise that Knoxville plastic surgeon Dr. David Reath noted a trend, via Twitter, of teachers coming in for surgeries during the summer months. The approximately ten school-free weeks allow teachers the proper amount of rest and relaxation without having to answer invasive questions from curious students.

Bad Teacher breast implant car washFor this reason, many doctors actually recommend that eager teacher-patients delay seeing them until the summer instead. When teacher nikkigirl wondered whether a week would be sufficient to recover from a rhinoplasty, some of the RealSelf doctors suggested waiting to have the procedure until the summer. While 7-10 days is a typical recovery time, allowing more time would ensure that she wouldn’t have to face her students with lingering signs of the surgery.

Besides, when teachers use this break time for enhancements, it allows them some wiggle room should complications arise. After receiving injections for her face lines, kwyashu had more bruising than expected. “I am a teacher, so it is a good thing I waited until summer to do this because I could not have gone back to work for at least a week,” she said. 

On the RealSelf forums, teachermom27 admits that she is both “excited and nervous” for her upcoming Mommy Makeover. After undergoing such an extensive procedure, there’s no way she’d be ready to teach again quickly, so she's taking advantage of her summer reprieve.

Fortunately, teachermom27 has befriended other posters like rural mom, a fellow teacher who completed a summer Mommy Makeover of her own. Rural mom thoroughly documented her journey for others to learn from her experience. As HotMama83 commented on rural mom’s updates, “So nice that you have the summer to recover and some time to enjoy your new bod!”

But what happens when the summer ends and it’s time to go back to school? While enough time has passed that subtle procedures may go unnoticed, surely some of those critical students I mentioned earlier would spot the significant alterations. Teacher Joe_H. admits that after getting a hair transplant in the summer, both a student and coworker did ask about the change, so it does seem inevitable.

So Cal Mama foresees these problems, as she faces students and staff with "two giant melons" on her chest. She adds, "I am sure I will get looks... but I have to just shrug it off and maintain that the decision I made... will ultimately make me feel better about myself!"

It’ll be up to each teacher to decide whether he/she is more comfortable keeping her current appearance or having to endure some potentially embarrassing questions when reunited with her students. Who knows, maybe those stares will be worth it when the students start singing Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher”.

How would you react if your child asked you about teacher's new looks? mommy makeover before and after