Tissue Engineering, Stubby Legs, Butt Implants: Must-see Q&A

Sharon at RealSelf on 6 Sep 2010 at 7:20am

As a moderator of Doctor Q&A, I read hundreds of questions every week from the RealSelf Community. In the past week, here are the 10 questions that really got noticed:

1) Is There a Surgery That Can Get Rid of Stubby Legs?

2) Tummy Tuck Through the Belly Button

3) Why Would Botox Cause Lasting Acne Breakouts?

4) What is the Best Method to Get Larger Hips?

5) How Long Before Tissue Engineering is Available?

6) Risk of Hair Loss After Browlift

7) Butt Implants: Can a Partner Feel Them?

8) Breasts Grew Back After Reduction Surgery

9) Blepharoplasty for Eye Shape

10) Do Implants Cause the Same Weight / Shoulder Pull as Natural Breasts?

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