24 Stories We Won't Forget from 2011

MakenzieR on 2 Jan 2012 at 11:00pm

It's a new year, and time for new content.  But first I wanted to round-up some of the most memorable stories from the RealSelf blog in 2011.  

1. Vampire Facelift

We first covered the Vampire Facelift in 2010, but it became increasingly popular in 2011.   Most notably in February, thanks to a New York Times article.  With the final Twilight movie is a year away, and True Blood still going strong, it's likely the marketing gimmick of this blood-based procedure will continue to stir-up talk. 

2. 8-Year-Old Gets Botox

Who could forget 8-year-old Britney Campbell and her mom Kerry, whotold The Sun all about how Kerry gives Britney Botox injections to prevent future wrinkles? After an Internet firestorm, Kerry naturally went on Good Morning America toBotox mom Kerry Campbell defend herself.  Fearing loss of custody, Kerry claimed she was paid by The Sun to tell the story, she never really injected anything into her daughter, and that her real name was Sheena Upton.  

3. Salt Lake City Likes Breasts

In April we looked at the RealSelf search data and discovered that the women of Salt Lake City showed a 74% above average interest in breast implants, compared to the rest of the nation.  Bit of a shocker for the biggest city in a state best known for it's Mormon principles. 
Breast implant interest in America

4. Show 'n Tell

A plastic surgeon took breast implants to his child's elementary school career day, causing outrage among some of the other parents.  

5. Botox Under 30

Hollywood's most over-exposed famous socialite got Botox at the age of 30, prompting a loud debate over whether or not the drug should be used to "prevent" wrinkles in addition to correcting them.  Bet you can guess which side Botox Mom is on...

6. Shakespeare, Please

This one never got the "weird news" pick-up it should have, but it's one of my favorites from 2011.  An author in China declared his intent to have to plastic surgery to look like William Shakespeare.  "To be," is definitely the answer to his question. 

7. Biggest Implants

Chelsea Charms' busted out in the ring of "biggest breast implants" with her 164XXX chest.  We're still not sure how she can stand up straight...
Chelsea Charms biggest breast implants

8. Big-Lipped Beauties

First in June there was former model Priscilla Caputo, who says her life was ruined by her obsession with lip injections.  Then Kristina Rei surfaced in November, who says she got 100 lip injections to look like her beauty idol Jessica Rabbit.
biggest lips

9. Groupon Boob Jobs

You can officially get almost anything at a discount on Groupon -- 2011 saw the rise of many cosmetic procedures being offered through the group-coupon site.  But what really caused pause was Groupon Paris' deal for a breast augmentation. 

10. Butt Obsession 

Pippa Middleton burst onto the scene at the Royal Wedding and ever since, women have been trying to emulate her booty-ful figure.  So much so that plastic surgeons even came out saying they've had a large amount of women specifically requesting a "Pippa butt lift."

Sarah Burge boob job daughter gift11. 7-Year-Old Boob Job

"Human Barbie" Sarah Burge made headlines again for giving her 7-year-old daughter a boob job gift certificate in June.  Not to worry though, just in case the young Poppy doesn't want a new rack when she comes of age, her mom says she can use it for any other procedure. 

12. Abtastic

British paparazzo Darryn Lyons turned heads on Celebrity Big Brother with his unusual looking abs, the result of some serious ab-etching.

13. Bigger Boobs = More Beach Time

We discovered a pattern in the RealSelf photo galleries -- women seem to enjoy flaunting their enhanced cleavage on the beach post breast-augmentation. 
tanning breast implants

14. Labia Wars

Labiaplasty took center stage towards the end of the year.  After a rise in the procedure was noted in the UK, the porn industry was blamed for encouraging "designer vaginas."  So many were miffed that there was even a "Muff March" in London at the end of the year.

15. Beefed Up

A woman died in September after injecting her face with home-cooked beef fat.  

16. Bristol's Magic Transformation

Bristol Palin unveiled a drastically transformed face -- and quickly squashed plastic surgery rumors.  She looks fantastic, but her "medically necessary" excuse still seems like a bit of a stretch. 
Bristol Palin plastic surgery

17. Slap Your Way to Bigger Breasts

A woman in Thailand was profiled for her methodical slapping to increase breast size.  In fact, the Thai government has actually paid for women to have the treatment to help boost their confidence.

18. $1,000,000 Cleavage

Holly Madison, aka Hugh Hefner's ex, insured her breast implants for a cool $1 million.  After all, her Vegas burlesque show depends on her assets.

19. Surgery to Look Like Superman

In October we broke the story in English of a Filippino man who has gone under the knife multiple times to look like Superman.  Herbert Chavez quickly became an Internet star for his unusual dedication to his superhero obsession.
Herbert Chavez superman plastic surgery

20. Kim's Butt is Real

To hush her critics, Kim Kardashian had her butt x-rayed to prove she has never gotten butt implants.  Critical commenters still suspect a butt lift, though.
Kim Kardashian butt implants

21. Teen Bride One-ups Kim

Posting photos on a blog wasn't enough for 2011's most controversial new face.  Teen bride Courtney Stodden went on Dr. Drew's LifeChangers TV show to prove via ultrasound that she does not have breast implants. 

Oneal Morris butt injections22. Cement and Superglue Butt Enlargement

Oneal Morris [right] isn't really a doctor, she just played one in Florida while injecting "patients' " butts with cement, superglue, and tire sealant, among other things.  Thankfully she's been arrested, but since then more and more victims of her back-alley injections have come forward with frightening results.

23. Breast Implant Swallowed By Body

A woman's breast implant was "swallowed" into her chest during a Pilates exercise in December.  It's the first known time this has happened, and doctors say it's highly unlikely to happen to anyone else.

24. French Implant Scandal

As the year closed, the scandal surrounding PIP breast implants from France blew up.  Thousands of implants were discovered to have been filled with industrial grade silicone instead of medical grade.  The French government has offered to pay for the removal of the implants for it's affected citizens, but tens of thousands of women across Europe and South America also have them.

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