Bra-llelujah keeps back fat hidden

Beauty Cred on 13 Oct 2008 at 10:22am

I am wearing Spanx Bra-llelujah. After hearing the gleeful praises of Spanx devotees on this one, I had to try it. So here's my first impression...

Now, in truth, I've never really struggled with body fat--so know that going in. But I also know that if you put me in an ill-fitting bra with a t-shirt on over it, you're going to see bulges and pouches and who knows what else. And it won't be pretty.

The Spanx Bra-llelujah has a wide back strap that in and of itself helps to minimize any potential for dreaded bumps of flab. It also is made of a "unique hosiery fabric" (Spanx' words) that acts like a second skin. The "unique" fabric is actually comprised of a nylon/spandex blend--not as revolutionary as it originally sounded. Bra-llelujah's shoulder straps are also a bit wider than usual, and they're also of the "unique" soft, stretchy fabric--so they are indeed comfortable.

Bra-llelujah is a front-closing bra. I'm not always a fan of a front-close, but in an odd way, I find it helps remind me that a bra--or at least the underwires--are supposed to sit on one's breastbone and not poke or prod. You should be able to fit your finger between your breastbone and the center front of the bra (in this case, where the closure is). Spanx Bra-llelujah passes the fit check.

But here's the real check: the mirror. I'm wearing a t-shirt that has some spandex—so it's the clingy kind. There isn't any visible back bulge at all with the Bra-llelujah. The level of confidence you feel in just knowing that you can wear a t-shirt without a jacket or sweatshirt over it is great--particularly for warmer weather, but also for in-between seasons when you're layering looks and want to be able to shed a layer without feeling self-conscious.

Was it Worth it? Absolutely. The Spanx Bra-llelujah is incredibly comfortable and it definitely achieves its objective of hiding any back fat issues. It will not, however, be the answer to everyone's prayers. It also, as I learned, is not what you want to have on should you get the urge to do a bit of running. Though Spanx never said it was a sports bra...