Soldier Receives Nation's Second Full Face Transplant

MakenzieR on 26 Apr 2011 at 6:00pm

Mitch Hunter before face transplant

We love feel-good stories about plastic surgery, and this one tops the list.

Ex-Army soldier Mitch Hunter, 30, received the nation's second full face transplant last week. In 2001 he got a 10,000 volt electric shock while saving a friend who was hurled onto a power line during a car accident (not Army related). Even after many surgeries, he lost two fingers, half a leg and his face. 

Since then, Hunter had to deal with the awkward questions and stares of strangers every time he goes out. Hopefully the transplant results will change that. 

"One surgeon said, 'We can guarantee that you'll look 80 percent like you did before, but we'll shoot for 100 percent,' " Hunter recalled to "I'm like -- right on."

After the hospital announced his procedure, Hunter posted to his Facebook "it went very well and I am recovering like a champ. Dr. Pomahac and team did an amazing job and it far exceeded my expectations. Everyone should be an organ donor, it's an amazing gift!"

He later added: "Thank you so much for everyone's kind words...My recovery is going very smoothly."

Mitch Hunter before face transplant and disfiguration Mitch Hunter during face transplant surgery

Photos provided on Brigham and Women's Hospital website