Why Are We So Concerned With Other People’s Cosmetic Procedures?

Jager Weatherby on 17 Jul 2014 at 9:30am

Stop for a second and ask yourself a serious question: When was the last time you judged a celebrity, a woman on the street, or even a close friend for getting a cosmetic procedure? We can’t even count the number of times we’ve been minding our own business at the grocery store, only to see a tabloid screaming the words “What Did She Do to Her Face?!”

The fact of the matter is, many of us bite. If we didn’t, these magazines and gossip sites wouldn’t continue to publish stories about the latest “Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong.” The real question is: Who are we to judge? In a world plagued with endless problems, shouldn’t we be lifting each other up instead of breaking each other down?

What does speculating about somebody’s Botox really do for us? After all, the decision to get a cosmetic procedure is a personal one and made for very personal reasons. If anything, this kind of judgmental behavior falls in line with that popular school of thought that those who are doing the bullying are really the most insecure.

As far as we’re concerned, we have two options: we can a) sit behind our computer screens and write nasty comments about women whose foreheads look better than ours, OR b) realize how silly we're being and start worrying about this list of more important silly things — most of which have to do with food, animals, or our favorite TV dramas, let’s be honest.

We promise that by the time you've made it to number 10, Kim Kardashian’s possible nose job will be the last thing on your mind.

1. Whether Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Will Ever Get Back Together
Will R.Patz and K.Stew Ever Get Back Together?
The fate of Hollywood's golden couple = more important than a boob job.

2. If 3D Doritos Will Ever Make Their Triumphant Return
Will 3D Doritos Make a Comeback?

Because Doritos > literally everything else in the entire world.

3. How To Perfect The Liquid Cat Eye
How to Get the Perfect Cat Eye

Why are cat eyes so sexy yet so hard to achieve? This keeps us up at night way more than a gravity-defying Brazilian butt lift.

4. The Fact That Shia LeBeouf Is Clearly Having A Public Meltdown
Shia LeBouf Having a Public Meltdown

We're so much more worried about this than we are about Botox.

5. The Fact That Starfish Are Literally The Creepiest Animals EVER
Starfish Are Creepy

Suddenly, the cute starfish from Finding Nemo has been rendered totally disgusting.

6. How Harry Styles Styles His Hair So Perfectly
How Does Harry Styles Style His Hair?

Harry's hair would never judge your tummy tuck, girl. Don't even worry about it.

7. Whether Or Not Hillary Will Be The First Female President
Will Hillary Be the First Female President?

To be honest, we'd love to know if she's had work done. Her hair coif is MAGICAL.

8. Whether Or Not Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You
Is Your Cat Plotting to Kill You?

It could happen at any time. Much like wrinkles.

9. The Fact That Game of Thrones Won't Be On For Almost A Year
Game of Thrones Won't Return For Almost a Year

Too busy crying to care about your boobs, sob.

10. The Fact That There Was Totally Room On Rose's Raft
There Was Totally Room on Rose's Raft

Not judging your surgery, but we're definitely judging this broad.

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