Can you clear acne with Skin iD? Katherine McPhee says yes

Beauty Cred on 3 Jun 2008 at 7:39pm

The runaway success of Proactiv acne skin care hasn't been lost on other skin care product companies.

Neutrogena has launched a direct attack on Proactiv, rolling out a "personalized acne solution" called Skin iD and endorsed by Katherine McPhee. (Take that Jessica Simpson!).  Skin iD claims their skin evaluation tool is a breakthrough, comparing it to "an in-office visit with your very own dermatologist".

I took the 20 question skin evaluation survey at to see what I'd end up for dealing with breakouts on my chin and nose.  In about 5 minutes I was done, and along the way I got to reveal loads of personal information including rival acne products I'm using.

Acne product line up

The conclusion:  Can't say it feels like I went to a dermatologist, but overall it was a slick web experience. According to Neutrogena I need a cleanser, treatment, and pads that will cost me $40.  Not sure if it's a subscription where I'll see credit card charges for the next 3 years!

custom acne skin care solution by skin id


Have you tried skin iD acne products?